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Meet the Artist

My name is Jamie Bertagnolli

Hello! I have been an artist my entire life. I love painting in acrylics and watercolors. I dabble in woodburning and I also love drawing, especially fun cartoons.

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Books Written and Illustrated by Jamie

When Mac's Nana, her favorite person in the world, falls ill. She struggles to find a way to cope. She desperately wishes to hug her sick Nana, but she is not allowed visitors because of her illness. Mac crafts creative ways to express her love.

funny punny cover social media.jpg

Bite-sized doses of illustrated antics... A collection of puns and illustrations to entertain. Inspired by the author's social media and personal appreciation of the world's lowest form of comedy, the pun... Volume One!

Halloween cover.jpg

Featuring original drawings of creepy monsters and mythological beings, this coloring book offers a variety of fun-to-color subjects. Immerse yourself in the fantasy! From Sirens to zombies, it's sure to be a howling good time!


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