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Meet the Artist

My name is Daniel Bertagnolli

Hello! I have been drawing my entire life. I have written and illustrated several children's books. My current passion is pyrography (woodburning). 

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Books Written and Illustrated by Daniel

Lady in Red Cover.jpg
The Frog Doctor Cover.jpg
Now you seed it cover2.jpg

In this exciting story LuLu the Ladybug must search high and low for her spots that have been scattered all over! There are so many places they could be! It is your job to help her in her quest to reunite her with her spots, while having fun learning to count along the way!

Fungus Wood Forest is home to a very special animal that helps take care of the animals that live there. He is the Frog Doctor. In the story, the Frog Doctor must help a handful of animals. His patients include a mouse, an owl, a rabbit, a caterpillar, a skunk, and a turtle. The Frog Doctor is in for a challenge. Can he help each animal overcome their problems?

A small mouse, a big seed, a sweet reward! Cheddar the Mouse finds a seed outside his home one day and decides to bury it to get it out of his way. Unknowingly, the seed grew into a sweet reward! And because he took care of it throughout the seasons, he was able to enjoy a beautiful tree.


Einstein the owl is one of the many animals living in Fungus Wood Forest. Delivering mail to each of them is a time consuming job. Too bad Einstein can't work fast enough before the sun sets because he is afraid of the dark. He must get over his fear of the dark when he oversleeps and runs out of daylight before he makes each delivery. Can Einstein ever get over his fear of the dark?

Half an Inch Worm cover cropped.jpg

Can you imagine being half the size you are now? Ike is an inch worm who is only half an inch long. Ike finds that being small can be both good and bad. With many tough challenges along the way, brave Ike never loses hope. Although he is small, Ike faces his fears and fulfills his goal to find the best red apple of all!


Being in the 9th grade is never easy; being bullied by those bigger and laughed at for being different. Johnny Drickerson loved to draw and found it to be an escape from the harsh bullying that he endured every day at school. All hope was lost of quelling the bullying in the school until Johnny sketched a strange symbol in the back of his that would yield unbelievable results. Johnny soon discovered that his drawings were quickly becoming reality. Johnny Drickerson was no longer just a freshman struggling to find his way, but he was given the option to get away with punishing bullies once and for all. He could use his talent to get his revenge, losing his humanity in the process or find within himself the strength to calm his emotions, forgive and forget, and discover that violence is not the answer.


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